“Knowing is not enough, we must apply, willing is not enough,WE MUST DO”. -Goeth


This course is unique in the sense YOU the armed citizen are the first responder in dealing with the most horrific element of a violent criminal – The active shooter, the serial murder and or the terrorist.
A cold fact is an ordinary citizen is more likely to defuse or engage these types of people before law enforcement can respond them.

This is an Advanced shooting course, the student must show prove of successful completion from another reputable shooting school or a basic training course from ACT.


  • History of Active Shooters, Serial Murders and Terrorists the traits and commonalities they all have in common.
  • Profiling the who, what, when and why of the bad guy, how to identify the potential threat and their tells.
  • Recommended methods for concealed carry weapons and how to deploy them fast under stress.
  • Close Quarter shooting techniques
  • Fundamental and advanced shooting techniques- including rapid fire, shooting one handed, on the move forwards, backwards, upstairs, down stairs, laterally, on your knees and on your back.
  • Flash light and no light shooting techniques.
  • Multiple shoot no shoot scenarios
  • After math- Interaction with Law Enforcement and Medical Emergency Personal
  • Legal and Medical issues

Equipment List:

  • Primary Pistol or Revolver and Back up gun in one of the following calibers:
    • .380
    • 9mm
    • 357Sig
    • 38SPL
    • 357 Magnum
    • 40 S&W
    • 45ACP.
  • Extra Magazines or speed loaders, Flashlight and gun holsters
  • Ear and Eye Protection-Ammunition: Estimated Round Count- 100-200 Rounds