“Knowing is not enough, we must apply, willing is not enough,WE MUST DO”. -Goeth

Legally, you have the right to defend yourself as long as you did not start or provoke the confrontation.

If you have a c.c.w. permit you are expected to take particular care to avoid a confrontation that might result in the use of force.

Generally when authorized to use Lethal Force: When a person is facing an immediate threat that could pose grave bodily harm or serious bodily injury to you or others.

Defensive Firearms expert Stephen Wenger writes, “The decision to use deadly force, upon recognition that someone is trying to kill or seriously injure you, must be made in advance. Once that threat occurs you may not have time to make that moral decision, your mind needs to be free for the best possible assessment of the threat and the choice of tactics.”

“In order for the law to accept your shooting another human being, he must be placed you in reasonable fear for your life or that of another innocent person. The emphasis is on reasonable.”

There are many reasons why deadly force might be necessary.

Among them:


  • The Threat is ARMED.
  • There is a disparity in size, strength, and/or age between the defender and the threat.
  • The threat is high on alcohol or drugs such as PCP, crack, or meth.
  • The threat has a history of violence
  • The threat has specialized skills, such as martial arts training.
  • The threat is attempting to disarm the defender.

Source: The Modern Day Gunslinger: Author Don Mann, US Navy SEAL, www.usfrogmann.com , Skyhorse publishing, inc www.skyhorsepublishing.com  (recommended and required reading).

According to North American and European legal systems, three elements must be present in order to legally defend yourself using physical force against a hostile

  1. MEANS- The offender has the tools or skills readily to commit the crime.
  2. OPPORTUNITY- The offender has the conditions that are immediately favorable to commit the crime.
  3. INTENT- The mental state of the Offender at the time he is about to commit the crime.

Founder of W.A.R. (Within Arms Reach) Professional Body Guard Clifford Stewert

AWARENESS is the First Principle, the Father Principle, and the Super Principle of Personal Protection Defense, Family Defense or Client Defense.

“Awareness is a two-step process. The First step is awareness defined as the measure of personal preparedness that determines your alertness, perception and understanding of your internal alarms, environmental clues and indicators.
The second step is knowing the two types of awareness needed in personal protection. First is Internal awareness second is ENVIRONMENTAL OR EXTERNAL AWARENESS.”

SOURCE: Within Arms Reach- Guide to Body guarding for the Elite Professional
Unique Publications, Inc www.cfwenterprises.com

Pre-conflict Indicators (clues or tells):

  • Loud voice, Threats, shallow breathing, unusual statements, Depression.
  • Red-flushed Face Fixed Stare, Rigid Body, Shaking, Twisting Hands, and or Clenched Fist.
  • Irrational Behavior, under the influence of drugs and Alcohol.
  • Weapons: Bulges in pants for guns, neck chains and clips for knives.