“Knowing is not enough, we must apply, willing is not enough,WE MUST DO”. -Goeth

Assault Counter Tactics has the only certified MASTER Trainer in Ultimate Training Munitions and the only certified Master Force on Force Trainer for civilians, bringing the student the most up to date realistic force on force training available anywhere.

Combined with using UTM in real guns, ACT has available padded assault gear to make training more realistic and safer as well.

The Equipment, the Training and the Instruction are as close to the real thing as one can possibly get.

Using both UTM® man marking cartridges which bridges the gap between the shooting range ,shooting at static targets that are not shooting back and using S.P.E.A.R. ® gear for full force on force confrontation defensive tactics, the student is put through the ultimate training stress inoculation scenarios to prepare someone for real life violent encounters.

All scenarios are specific to deadly force encounters the everyday citizen could expect to deal with on the street, home or work place in fact every scenario recreated will be from a real life situation that has been documented.


  • Home Invasion Counter Tactics
  • Carjacking Counter Tactics
  • Parking Lot Assault Counter Tactics
  • Active Shooter Counter Tactics
  • Weapons Disarms
  • Ground Fighting Defense
  • Multiple Opponents
  • Realistic Wound Trauma Care

Equipment List:

  • Mouth and Groin Guard
  • Two layers of clothing
  • All other equipment to be used are fully furnished.