“Knowing is not enough, we must apply, willing is not enough,WE MUST DO”. -Goeth

The popularity of the Personal Defense Weapon, be it a lever action rifle or the ever popular M-4 few know the limitations or the full potential of this useful weapon in the confines of the urban or home environment.

This course will not make you a Delta or SEAL Operator but will give you realistic tactics in using a PDW in a high stress lethal encounter in a home invasion.

Topics Include:
  • Primary or Back up Weapon
  • Close Quarter Techniques
  • Weapon Retention Techniques
  • Weapon Striking Techniques
  • Multiple Firing Technique
  • Holding Suspect with weapon
  • One Hand Shooting Techniques
  • Communicate, Move, Shoot
  • Shooting on the move all directions

Legal issues
This course will use frangible ammunition and man marking rounds as well as a padded suit for assault simulations.

Equipment needed:

  • Firearm (Recommended Glock, S&W M&P, Springfield XD)
  • Holster
  • Extra Magazine pouch / holder
  • Good Folding Knife or Straight Knife
  • 100 rounds of ammunition
  • Wear the same type of clothes you wear for everyday use.

All courses are Eight Hours in length