“Knowing is not enough, we must apply, willing is not enough,WE MUST DO”. -Goeth

As LT.COL. David Grossman (Former Army Ranger and Author of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated book On Killing) states,

In the wake of 9/11 terrorist attacks Americans have risen to the challenge. Many states have established concealed carry laws.

Millions of Americans are buying and carrying guns. And if you believe (as I do) that every trained armed citizen makes America a safer place. It is not enough to just but a book and carry the gun. Now you must train in the use of this vital, lifesaving tool:

What is the most single most heinous, horrendous international terrorist act in history? What is the single greatest body count, in a single incident, ever achieved by non –governmental agency not in time of war? The World Trade Center on September 11, 2001…

What is the single most heinous, horrendous domestic terrorist act in American history, the single greatest body count ever achieved in a terrorist act on American Soil by an American Citizen? Oklahoma City…

What is the highest body count of any criminal act on college campus? Virginia Tech…

What is the single greatest body count ever achieved by juvenile mass murder in history? Columbine High School…

There is a new twist to terrorism: It’s called body count. Whether the perpetrators are school killers, workplace killers, or international terrorists, they are not interested in negotiating; their only goal is to kill as many people as humanly possible.

The only viable response to a threat is to legally empower, physically arm and properly train our citizens.”


Training is the key: Force on Force Training with interactive scenarios where bad guys shoot back- Scenarios reflect the environment and circumstance the civilian will most likely encounter in an actual conflict. (All A.C.T. training scenarios are based on documented real life encounters the average citizen faced)

“The importance of training in a realistic way in as realistic an environment as possible, preferably with interactive and reactive targets and or good force on force role players cannot be over stated”.
Rob Pincus- Combat Focus Training

Assault Counter Tactics- Training methodology trains on what is more probable than possible in a Lethal Threat confrontation.

It is imperative to understand what promotes peak performance in lethal force conflicts is training in interactive scenarios that force you to recognize dangerous clues and humane behavior patterns and solve confrontational problems under stress.

The problem with most firearms training programs today is they tend to emphasize military and law enforcement team tactics or fundamentals of marksmanship; neither applies to the civilian in a counter ambush situation.

In the classic book “Shooting to Live” By W.E. Fairbairn three elements were required to win in a gun fight.

  1. Extreme Speed in both drawing and firing
  2. Instinctive as opposed to deliberate aim
  3. Practice under circumstance which approximate as nearly as possible to actual gun fighting.

The best way to demonstrate the effects of stress is to be immersed in them with interacting scenarios and role playing bad guys shooting back.

Why the fire arm?
Answer: The Firearm allows you to damage the attacker with a wide range of body targets with less effort than the knife.