“Knowing is not enough, we must apply, willing is not enough,WE MUST DO”. -Goeth

Here are some testimonials from some of the clients that I have worked with in the past:

I would like to say that I was simply looking for a CCW class and what I received was so very much more, and for allot less. Having just finished the Realistic Self Defense and Force on Force Training with Paul Pawela I have to say that I am amazed at the confidence level I now have with handgun training and self defense for a crisis based situation. Paul’s background in weaponology and hand to hand combat are a perfect well rounded mix needed for one’s own self defense or that of their family. Paul marries a balance of his background in Military, Law Enforcement, and Martial Arts, and combines them together custom tailored for civilian use. For example, in your own home if you were experiencing a late night burglary or God forbid a Home Invasion. Would you go room to room using the often taught Swat PIE Technique? Of ‘course not. “Why?” I hear you asking, because you are not Swat. That technique is used for more than a one man or woman squad stacking an entryway, where someone has your right or left vision, rear vision, (back) and etc. So if you, only one person, were to introduce your body into a doorway (slicing the pie) you are very exposed and risk bodily injury. Simply put, who better knows your home than you? Paul’s approach to this and other areas such as; carjacking and knife wielder’s is very down to earth and causes you, the student, to think practically and react accordingly. There is no “magic” move or weapon to defend yourself, other than what’s in your heart to protect your family, yourself, and your property. Paul shows what it takes to reach deep down and commit to the situation you’re dealing with. It is up to us as the individual to decide if we are going to be a part of the crime scene, or be the crime scene. I cannot express enough the value for the experience you gain from an individual such as Paul, that has traveled the world, seen many situations and so well packages them in a very easy to understand method of approach. There are countless things I‘ve learned that very well might save a Family Member’s life or my own should the need arise. It’s nice to know that a part of me will always have Paul Pawela in my corner. For that I will be forever grateful.

Rob Turman 1-16-12



I have known Paul Pawela as close friend, outstanding father, Christian Brother, military professional, police trainer and self defense instructor.  Paul's principals are practical, sound and most importantly effective regardless of background and level of experience you may have you will always learn something you can apply to your survival system.  As a professional who trains thousands of people a year throughout the world, if you have not taken the time to know Paul or attend one of his classes you owe it to yourself....

Dave Young, Founder and Director of ARMA Training, www.armatraining.com



Paul Pawela is right on regarding violence and crime in the U.S. I would recommend checking out some of his training courses to better prepare you for real world situations.

Joe Maffei



I have known Paul Pawela for over 15 years now. I met him first in 1993 in 10th Special Forces at Ft. Devens, MA. We teamed up and traveled to more than eight States across the country to train in guns, knifes and martial arts.

It is absolutely clear to me that Paul’s self defense education, experience and capabilities as an instructor are at the PHD Level. Paul not only remains on the Cutting Edge of the self defense world, but his ability to train others in the various arts is accurate, encouraging and also humorous.

Anyone who goes through one of the Paul’s courses walks away thinking that they received far more than their money worth.

His student’s walk away sensing that they are more experienced thinking outside the box, and are better prepared to face real challenges from the real world.

Daniel (Dano) Pecaro
Master Sergeant, US Army (retired)
Contractor PPS/ Triple Canopy/ Black Water



It has been my pleasure to have worked with Paul during Special Weapons and Tactics Seminar I have conducted under the auspices of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors.
In addition I have consulted with him on Special Operations Subjects and Combat weapon craft for a number of years on an individual basis.

I find him to be highly interested, well motivated, exceptionally attentive, objective and in general most professional in his behavior and appearance.

More over, as a parachutist, I have also received from him highly competent consultation and instructional assistance related to both static-line and free fall airborne operations and hold him in especially high esteem in this area. 

In conclusion, I categorically state that it has been a pleasure to know and work with Paul all these years and without reservation and under any circumstances, I would trust my life to him. A better recommendation no man can give.

Chuck Taylor



I have known Paul Pawela almost all of my life, Paul is one of the most qualified Law Enforcement Trainers in the Country. He is also dependable, honest, hard working diligent and has the highest integrity.

You can trust Paul’s training with your life.

Linda Baldree Assistant State Attorney Ft. Pierce




I hold Paul Pawela in the highest regard, I have known Paul for over 25 years, and Paul served with me in Special Forces.

Paul’s dedication to duty to aid in the accomplishments of all the team’s missions was beyond approach.
Paul’s Knowledge, Skills, Values and Excellent Character will benefit any professional solider, law enforcement officer or warrior.

Gary L O’Neal
Special Forces Legend
Ranger Hall of Fame Member
10TH Degree Grand Master



I have known Paul Pawela for many years, first as his instructor and later as his friend and co-worker, he and I have taught together and I have watched him teach others.

Paul is an extremely stable individual personally, a role model really and is at his best as a Police Instructor.

His extremely advanced training and high level skill gains the attention of the entire class.
Paul is a rare combination of mature judgment and values with high training and would recommend him without reservation.

Massad Ayoob



I have been a professional associate to Paul Pawela for many years, I have had the opportunity to work with him on a number of training projects and have worked alongside him as an instructor.
Mr. Pawela is thoroughly professional. His approach to every problem is analytical, and he is well known for his no-nonsense “get results” attitude.

John S. Farnam



I am a former solider who spent 26 years in Special Operations; I graduated from the Special Forces Advanced Target Analysis and Exploitation Techniques Course, I taught SF Urban Combat, and never before had I had this shooting experience.

During this training, I observed people with no or very limited shooting experience make consistent headshots and walk away from the range from Paul Pawela’s training fully capable of defending themselves with a hand gun.

Paul Pawela’s course teaches you how to have the shots on target under stress to keep you alive on the streets.

This is the most practical shooting experience money can by.

Patrick Kelly
USSF, CW4, Retired




I want to first star out by saying how thankful I am to have met Paul Pawela. Paul has changed my life. I am 38 year old woman and for the past eight years I have gone through medical struggles beginning with a misdiagnosis, multiple medical testing and scans, finally to be officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease two years ago. As an extreme right hand dominant person and this disease taking over the right side of my body, I was forced to make a career change and drop out of the Accounting industry and learn how to cope with this disability. I have had many ups and downs with the feelings of helplessness, embarrassed by my tremors and shakiness, not wanting to be the social person that I have always been before this disease took over. Along with my disability, I have always had a fear of guns or any type of weapons and not being able to defend myself should the situation arise. A little over a month ago, my boss took a few of us up to the Shooting Center at the American Police Hall of Fame to learn how to soot the gun we keep at out office for protection. That day at the range is where I first met Paul. He embraced my disability and immediately started working with me on how to work around my disability and be able to safely handle my weapon. Ever since that day, I have become a member of the Shooting Center where Paul has worked with me on target shooting, I have taken Paul’s Concealed Weapons Permit, Realistic Self Defense and Force on Force Training classes. I can now proudly say that through Paul’s help I have overcome my disability. Not only can I shoot with my now dominant left hand but also with my once dominant now disabled right hand as well.

I have been empowered and have gained the self confidence I once had and more so not only with the weapons training but in my everyday life. What I have learned and gained from Paul Pawela is invaluable to me. It has truly been an honor and pleasure to have met and train under this man. I am forever grateful!

Sincerely, Kendall A. Hudson 2/16/2012



Hello, my name is Blake Gaylord. I decided to purchase the S&W M&P in 9mm.
The reason I choose to get a CCW permit and training in handgun self defense was on
April 15, 2011, a good friend of mine, Adam Pickering, was killed during a confrontation in Eustis, Florida.

I decided to receive training from Paul Pawela and his training was outstanding.
During the course of our training, Paul encountered a irate customer who started screaming and yelling at Paul, during this time Paul calmly gave the man a warning to leave the property at this time the angered man seemed to motion that he was going for a gun, myself and four other class mates seemed to think this man was going to draw a weapon on Paul.  Paul calmly told the irate man that would be a big mistake, the

Man saw Paul was not bluffing as Paul firmly stood his ground as he de-escalated the situation.
Our class got their composure thinking this may have been a staged event for training purposes only later to realize it was not.  We had two licensed Private Investigators in the class and one Probation Officer who said they never had an experience like that in their life. I am convinced it was all Paul’s life experience and training that won the day and I am a better person to received Paul’s training and a firsthand real life experience to remember.

Blake Gaylord



I recommend Paul Pawela’s tactical training for all levels of student training.
Paul Pawela has practical real world knowledge of the most common domains of fighting: military, (including serving as a Special Forces Hand to Hand Combat Instructor), police (one of the rare graduates of three different police academies), self –defense (survivor of several lethal force street encounters), training (as a popular writer and martial arts enthusiast he has attended most of the firearms training available and has studied under numerous martial arts greats).

Paul is well connected in the training world and hosts the best trainers he can find at the Police Hall of Fame. Paul will bend over backwards to ensure you get a first rate training experience when you visit him by arranging for other role players and instructors to help assist with the training, preparing for realistic training including parking lot attacks and quick mart assaults.

All training was performed in a realistic but safe manner. There were no range specific practices “This is how we do it on the range, but in real life but in real life you should.

Our class we trained for real world encounters, we shot guns at close contact shooting distances, in the dark with a light and no light, we shot on the move in all directions, forward, to the rear , lateral.
Paul taught us basic hand to hand skills from weapon retention to weapon disarm to fighting on the ground with backup weapons.

The full range of training we performed in my short stay was unparallel by any other instruction that I have taken and I have been to numerous nationally recognized self defense schools.
I recommend Paul Pawela’s training whatever you are looking for, his depth and breadth is unparalleled and create a training program to build the skills you are looking for.

Ken Estes