“Knowing is not enough, we must apply, willing is not enough,WE MUST DO”. -Goeth

The difference between an ACT program and others that teach similar programs are as follows:

The Founder and CEO of Assault Counter Tactics, Paul Pawela believes that three main criteria should be considered when seeking out a self defense trainer.

The Trainer should have:

  1. Knowledge:  The Trainer should be well informed with most current information to date on the subject- the material and lesson plan should be court defensible, if not a person is just wasting time and money for nothing.
  2. Training: The Trainer should have vast amounts of different types of training from reputable and proven recognized experts themselves before calling themselves an instructor.
  3. Experience: The Trainer should have practical knowledge gained by trial and practice, with personal and professional documented proof that what is being learned can be documented as fact and not theory.

Paul Pawela is an Internationally Recognized Self Defense Expert having been published in the majority of the most popular gun and self-defense magazines on the market.

He has documented real world experience dealing with lethal encounters and self defense issues.

He will testify as an expert witness as a subject matter expert should you become involved in a deadly force encounter providing you were within the legal boundaries of the law.

He is a current member of multiple professional law enforcement and national training organizations.

He is up to date in the most current and accurate information both technically and tactically as he has attended over 10 national instructor programs and conferences with in the last year.

Paul is endorsed by dozens of International Military, Law Enforcement and well known Civilian Expert Trainers.

The ACT Challenge: Self-Defense is a serious subject that should not be left to be taught by cheap charlatans or amateurs, compare our resume to others and you will see the difference – “When Lives Are At Stake Don’t React- ACT!"

Americans are blessed to live in the greatest country in the world, free to live and pursue the American dream. The American Dream can be shattered in a split second moment in time by a senseless ACT of violence. Training is not a hobby for me nor is the subject that I teach taken lightly. For the past thirty years I have devoted my life training with the world’s best self defense experts to give You the very best information to safely survive a lethal encounter, I pray you never are in a life threatening situation but if you are than ACT.